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About the Artist

Ben Herington

Born in Iowa

Lives & works in Central Ohio


Benjamin Herington is as diverse as his metal art is unique. A native of Iowa, Herington has his roots in the Midwest though lived in 6 states including California, Nevada, and Colorado during his youth. Once returning to Iowa to attend University of Iowa, Ben majored in English and Political Science and minored in Photography. Between studies he played football for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes and was a two-time All-American Collegian US Rugby player.

Upon graduation, Ben moved to Central Ohio. He has a burning desire to create and express himself through a variety of mediums but is best known for his metal sculptures. Functional metal furniture has taken a new twist as Herington welds gears, springs, and the like into tables, chairs, and lamps.

Herington Art, both his metal work and his paintings (such as the red and black paintings in this site's photos), have been featured in several galleries and the Urban Gardner. Six pieces were commissioned for COSI (Center for Science and Industry) Columbus, Ohio and can be found on the museum's second floor in the Gadget Room. Sculptures can be found in residential gardens and even a school's courtyard.

Ben is a certified weld inspector (CWI) and an avid reader and writer who enjoys music, gardening, travel, running marathons, spending time with his wife and rescue animals, volunteering for animal rescue, and "all things" rugby and college wrestling.

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