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Sculpture Series: Light and Water



Inspired by the artists' travels to Scotland and New Zealand, this series is the latest creation. The resourcefulness of the people of those island nations speaks not only to Herington's lineage but also to his personal belief in the second life of materials.

Soillse agus ìne (Galic for Light and Nail)

Structural foundation, at nearly 8 1/2 feet tall, creates a metal channel embellished by 100s of nails in a purposeful design. When the tower is lit, a warm glow is emitted through the pillar.

(scroll down for second in the series)



Usieg agus ìne (Galic for Water and Nail)


While almost a mirror image to the Light and Nail piece, this piece uses a stainless steel (rust free) face. It's embellished with the artist's welding beads to enhance the cohesion of the water's flow along the front surface. A sound of the light trickle of the water is as soothing as the view is relaxing and inspiring.

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