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The patio sculpture (first picture) was designed for a middle school's outside space and was inspired by the brain's inter-workings and creative processes. It examines the concrete vs. abstract nature of the young learners' thinking and plays with the idea of fluidity. The school also has a commitment to sustainability and found the art work in keeping with their vision.

These garden sculptures were created for garden spaces and were inspired by nature and the juxtaposition of hard versus soft, organic versus inorganic, permanent versus ephemeral, and imbalance versus equilibrium. It speaks also to the circular and ongoing processes in nature as well as in the creative process. The commissioned pieces below varied in dimensions but are roughly 2 x 3 feet tall.

Also featured here in a tall lawn sculpture is the artist's latest experimentation with metal's interaction with the elements wind and water and how sound and light and space are altered as a result. This is one of the few pieces currently available in stock.

Finally, the figure is a baseball catcher personified in metal showing the artist's playful side.

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